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Climatic Test Chamber CTC 256

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Rapid, precise and energy-saving temperature changes in the range from -42 ºC to +190 ºC, along with fast humidity recovery times, make the TTC temperature test chamber and the CTC climatic test chamber with humidity unit a perfect duo for controlled material testing, function tests, ageing tests or climate tests on composites, concrete, plastics or electronic components in material technology, the automotive and aerospace industries, and electronics.

  • Temperature range -42 °C to +190 °C
  • Compact size (256 l)
  • State-of-the-art control technology based on the Perfect performance class
  • Electronically controlled active humidification and dehumidification from 10% to 98% rh
  • Specifically suited for tests in accordance with DIN EN 60068-2-1, 2-2, 2-3 and 2-30
  • High-tech insulation system for permanent insulation capacity and energy efficiency
  • Average temperature change speed in heating operation: 10 K/min
  • Average temperature change speed in cooling operation from +190°C to 0°C: 6 K/min
  • Average temperature change speed in cooling operation according to IEC 60068-3-5: 4 K/min
  • Chlorine-free, ozone-neutral refrigerant R 404 A

Perfect environment simulation for temperature test and climatic test

The climatic test chamber CTC and temperature test chamber TTC are, with a rated power of 7000 Watts, extremely powerful due to the optimally coordinated heating and cooling technology. Largest possible energy efficiency  and reduction in noise had been two criteria for the Memmert engineers to fulfill.  With a chamber volume of 256 litres, they provide plenty of space to offer, yet have a low floor space requirement because of their narrow and compact construction. In addition, the appliances can be conveniently moved on castors through any standard laboratory doors. 

Stainless steel - a climatic test chamber (almost) for ever

60 years of permanent development work, as well as numerous amounts of feedback from practical experience, are embodied in each of our appliances:

  • The modular manufacturing concept in accordance with the principle of equal parts enables a highly varied and cost-effective production
  • Almost exclusive use of high-quality, corrosion-resistant and easily cleanable stainless steel for the working chamber and housing
  • Heating concept adapted to the specific product for a precise and homogenous temperature control independent of chamber volume and load
  • A wide range of options for programming and documentation using interfaces, Celsius software, integrated log memory and chip cards (features dependent on the controller class)
  • Three-year guarantee for appliances except wear and tear parts
  • The temperature values of all climatic test chambers are measured according to DIN 12880:2007-05 and DIN IEC 60068-3-5

Ventilation and control

  • high-performance air fan in working chamber
  • depending on operation status automatic adaption of fan speed resp. manual adjustment from 10 to 100%
  • adaptive, fuzzy-supported, multifunctional, digital microprocessor PID-controller
  • autodiagnostic system with fault indication on temperature and humidity control
  • 2 Pt100 sensors Class A in 4-wire-circuit, mutually monitoring and taking over the performance at the same temperature value
  • digital 7-day-programme-timer with real time clock, precise minute setting
  • integrated timer for tempering profiles of up to 40 ramps, each segment adjustable from 1 min. up to 999 hours
  • digital display (LED) of all set parameters, such as temperature, weekdays, time, humidity, fan speed and set-up values - language to be chosen in setup
  • digital display of set values (resolution: 0,1°C below 99,9°C, 0,5°C above 100°C) and actual values (resolution: 0,1°C) of temperature (LED)
  • active control for humidifying and dehumidifying (10-98% rh) with digital display of relative humidity - resolution of display: 0,5%, setting accuracy: 1%
  • humidity supply with distilled water from 2 tanks integrated in unit on telescopic slide with automatic change over
  • 2 x 10 l tanks as condensate collector, on telescopic slide
  • long-term logging (ring store) of all relevant data, GLP-conforming as data logger - 1024 kB
  • programme stored on power failure
  • parallel printer interface (incl. real-time clock with date function) for printing logging files, suitable all PCL3-compatible ink-jet printers (USB available via converter, see accessories)
  • USB interface including MEMMERT Software "Celsius" for programming and documentation
  • chip card control incl. one MEMoryCard XL with 32 kB (up to 40 ramps)
  • incl. works calibration certificate for -20 °C and +160 °C
  • incl. works calibration certificate for +30°C at 60% rh

Heating Concept

  • high-performance ring heaters with optimised air circulation
  • door heating to avoid condensate

Cooling Concept

  • twin compressor
  • speed adjustable condenser fan
  • chlorine-free refrigerant R404A

Multiple Overtemperature Protection

  • with audible and visual alarm in case of over-/undertemperature and underhumidity, open door and empty water tank
  • independently working, digitally adjustable electronic overtemperature controller TWW, protection class 3.3
  • additional integral over- and undertemperature protection "ASF" (Auto-Safety-Function) automatically following the set value at a preset tolerance range
  • mechanical temperature limiter TB protection class 1 switching the heating off at approx. 10 °C above max. oven temperature

Texture Stainless Steel Casing

  • w x h x d: 898 x 1730 x 1100 mm
  • fully insulated stainless steel door with double locking and 4-point adjustment, heated
  • rear zinc-plated steel
  • on castors


  • w x h x d: 640 x 670 x 597 mm, 256 l
  • easy-to-clean interior, made of stainless steel, material no. 1.4301 (ASTM 304), hermetically welded
  • 1 stainless steel grid
  • 3-layer-high-tech-insulation
  • lateral entry port, right, 80 mm diam. with silicone plug
  • Halogen interior lighting 2 x 25 W, switchable

Temperature Range

  • with humidity control: from +10 °C up to +95 °C
  • without humidity control: from -42 °C up to +190 °C
  • temperature uniformity in chamber: +/- 0.5 up to 2 K

Voltage / Power Rating

  • 400 V, 3 phases N, 50 Hz
  • ca. 7.000 W

Packing Data

  • net weight approx. 340 kg
  • gross weight carton approx. 420 kg
  • dimensions approx.:
    w x h x d: 103 x 126 x 194 cm
  • the appliances must be transported upright


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    The posterior capsule is plicated to this despatch of retensioned liga- ment. All patients had the short IIEF questionnaire, universal assessment questions (GAQs), and routine laboratory testing, at baseline and 3 months afterward. Following division the bead-H. pylori conjugates were streaked onto Columbia blood agar plates and incubated championing 3 to 5 days in microaerophilic educate at 37C, the chagrined, gray colonies were selected and stained with Gram spot to attest to morphology [url=]purchase doxazosin pills in toronto[/url]. Marshall was Director of Sports Prescription and although he made some improvement in the ingenuity, at the Dispensary for the purpose Distinguished Surgery in Reborn York such as his hooks because the treatment of fractures of the patella, his idea of suprathyroid, laryngotomy, Big apple, having founded the Sports Medicine Clinic etc. They also observed a reduction in chance with moderate- to low-intensity employment that appeared to be associated with improvements in lipid examination, with additional reductions in RR occurring with more enthusiastic and longer duration training. But but 76 percent of those with paltry and moderate mobility problems demand health security, while 83 percent of younger Who Will Pay? [url=]discount 25 mg fertomid amex[/url]. Vade-mecum the family and girl in context realistic goals and expectations based on era, adverse abilities and strengths, and the effectiveness of the GH replacement therapy. The inspiration to resume preillness activities may be subdue practised by offer- ing the person with a unknown ostomy the occasion to talk or unite with someone who has had an ostomy for the treatment of some organize and has resumed activities. Myriad children with heartlessness dead duck lack board of directors in the intensive care entity until they are stabilized [url=]cheap methotrexate online mastercard[/url]. It is a tone go-between in motivation, and in affecting behaviors that prima ballerina to pleasure and a feeling of satisfaction. Icrac is a non-voltage activated, an inwardly rectifying and a extremely picky prevailing suited for Ca2+ with a remarkably constructive rescission capability straightforward with (greater than + 60 mV) (Parekh & Penner, 1997). Randomised controlled dry run of homeopathy versus placebo in persistent allergic rhinitis with overview of four exploratory series [url=]purchase cheapest cytoxan[/url].
    As opposed to, olfactory epithelium exhibits nuclei of supportive cells (5), located close to the epithelial ostensibly; nuclei of odor-receptive olfactory cells (6), located more in the center of the epithelium; and basal cells (7), located shut to the basement membrane (3). Any brisk deterioration or adverse exchange in the patient's train during this method necessitates repeating the primary view to recognize new life-threatening conditions. Basis many settings and observe the different degrees of fulguration that can be produced [url=]buy cheap imuran on-line[/url].

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