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Photometer photoLab® S12

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photoLab® S12 – Immediate and high precision measuring

The photoLab® filter photometers offer laboratory precision, convenience and rapid results for routine operation:
Open the lid, insert the cuvette, read the measuring value instantly

  • AQA/IQC, multistage
  • Automatic cuvette identification
  • Barcode recognition for all cuvette types

Speed and accuracy results from the filter technology used with reference beam technique. Combined with barcoded round and rectangular cuvette tests, efficient and cost-effective measurements are possible. Defined wavelengths by high-precision filters do not require any mechanics and therefore make this measuring instrument practically maintenance free.

  • Auto Check for highest stability and precision
  • Automatic cuvette recognition for all used cuvette types
  • Automatic test recognition via barcode for round
  • and rectangular cuvette tests
  • Automatic measuring start
  • Automatic Quality Assurance (AQA)
  • Wide range of programmed test kits: from convenient cell test to economical reagent test kits

Filter photometer with 12 wavelengths for extensive routine operations in service laboratories and for education.
In addition to the barcoded cell tests, there are a considerable number of economic reagent test kits available for rectangular cuvettes. Uniquely, the barcode support also comes with test kits for 10 mm, 20 mm and 50 mm rectangular cuvettes. Even trace concentrations are covered – especially important for drinking water analysis. Additionally, 50 user defined methods are possible and measurements of kinetics can be performed.
The instrument is highly efficient and cost-effective for:

  • Routine determinations with a large number of samples
  • Measuring the smallest concentrations
  • Special tasks with user-defined methods

These features are also suitable for service laboratories.

Model photoLab® S12 and S12-A
Photodiode array for 12 wavelengths
Wavelengths, nm 340, 410, 445, 500, 525, 550, 565, 605, 620, 665, 690,820


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