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Protimeter Surveymaster

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One of the industry’s first and best-selling dual-function moisture meters.
The right moisture meter makes all the difference! And we’ve made improvement to enhance the Protimeter Surveymaster. This versatile pin and non-invasive meter is ergonomically designed for easy, one-handed operation to measure moisture in buildings and other related structures both on and below the surface. This allows you to assess moisture levels for new or refurbishing activities and diagnose moisture-related problems in existing buildings.
All Protimeter instruments have a two-year warranty.

Rugged construction
Large backlit display
Pin moisture measurement
Non-invasive measurement up to ¾” (20mm) below the surface
Wide range of accessory plugins
Industry leading 2-year warranty

Allows rapid assessment of building moisture
Instant readings in a wide range of building materials
Non-invasive measurement not adversely affected by surface moisture
Two meters in one

- When concise and accurate environmental readings need to be reported, the Surveymaster gets the job done. The ability to use both functions to instantly determine the potential evidence of excessive moisture makes this instrument ideal for many applications including:
- Building survey
- Fire and flood restoration
- Concrete and wood floor moisture measurement
- Indoor air quality
- Environmental health


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