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QUV Accelerated Weathering Tester

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The QUV is used in more labs throughout the world than any other accelerated weathering tester. In just a few days or weeks, the QUV can reproduce damage that may occur over months or even years outdoors.

Ultraviolet Light
Ultraviolet light causes almost all the photodegradation to materials exposed outdoors. The QUV tester reproduces only the UV portion of the spectrum. Our UVA-340 lamp is the best available simulation of short-wave sunlight. It is especially useful for comparing the performance of different types of polymers and stabilizers. It is the best lamp for correlation studies.

Moisture Simulation
Products outdoors can be exposed to moisture, in the form of dew, for up to 15hours per day. All models of QUV provide a rigorous, yet highly realistic, moisture exposure with cycles of hot condensing humidity. A QUV/spray can simulate the effects of rain, such as thermal shock and erosion.


Model Number QUV/se QUV/spray QUV/basic


· ·
UV Exposure · · ·
Condensation · · ·
Irradiance control · · ·
Adjustable Irradiance * · · ·
Water spray · · ·
Thermal Shock · · ·
Strip Chart Recorder (optional) (optional) (optional)
All testers include : Programmable Microprocessor Controller; Automatic Fault Recognition and Alarm; Auto-shutdown Timer
*The maximum and minimum irradiance will be influenced by the UV exposure temperatures and the ambient laboratory air temperature.
Temperature Ranges :

UV Temp. 50o - 75oC 50o - 75 oC 50o - 75 oC
Condensation Temp. 40o - 60oC 40o - 60oC 40o - 60oC
Size 137 x 53 x 135 cm 137 x 53 x 135 cm 137 x 53 x 135 cm
Weight 300 lbs (136 kg) 300 lbs (136 kg) 300 lbs (136 kg)
Test Capacity 48 specimens (75 x 150 mm) 48 specimens (75 x 150 mm) 50 specimens (75 x 150 mm)
Electrical 120/60, 16A or 230/50, 9A, 1800W (maximum) 120/60, 16A or 230/50, 9A, 1800W (maximum) 120/60, 15A or 230/50, 8A, 1500W
Water Tap or DI 8 litres/day DI 7 litres/minute during spray Tap or DI 8 liters/day
Lamp Usage Variable-depends on irradiance Variable-depends on irradiance approximately 24 per year

Recognition : The QUV meets standards of the following organizations : ASTM, ISO, DIN, JIS, SAE, BS, ANSI, GM, U.S GOVT

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