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The Model 425 Flame Photometer

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The World's Latest Flame Photometer with Dual Channel Capability which can measure up to four elements, now including calcium. The Model 425 Flame Photometer builds on the great success of the Model 420 Flame photometer with its Lithium Internal Standard and fully automatic ignition and optimisation which gives true ease of use and reproducible conditions for high precision measurement. The versatile Model 425 Flame Photometer reinforces Sherwood Scientific as the Leader in Flame Photometry,

The Model 860 Autosampler

Both the Model 425 Flame Photometer and the existing Model 420 Flame Photometer can work with the new Model 860 Autosampler, which gives a fully intergrated system capable of measuring 60 samples an hour of two elements chosen from (Calcium for Model 425), potassium and sodium. The Model 860 Autosampler has on-board positions for a blank solution, calibration standard and 40 samples. The Model 860 with Model 420 or Model 425 Flame Photometer can work together with the new Flame Data Collection Excel spreadsheet Macro which arrays the data directly in a form for further data manipulation. Each reading is time stamped.

Order Information

Model 425 Flame Photometer 47542500
Model 860 Autosampler 86000009
Printer for Model 420 47356905

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